About Us

About Us

After years of frustration with cookie-cutter wellness programs, Panoramic Wellness was created in Central Virginia by a local couple whose vision was to provide custom onsite wellness education and programming for the needs of the local companies and their employees.

Panoramic is defined as all encompassing, full view, from start to finish.  When we were looking for a name that expressed what wellness is, Panoramic was the perfect fit. 

When we began talking about how to creat a culture of wellness, we looked at what our goals were when we planned this panoramic form of wellness.  

To cultivate wellness we must  

  • (grow) wellness---
  • (promote) wellness….
  • (nurture) wellness…
  • (form and refine) wellness….

At Panoramic Wellness, we believe wellness is YOUR TOTAL LIFE- LIVED WELL, and if you LIVE WELL, you WORK WELL.    That’s why our mission is simple- To cultivate wellness so we may impact the communities through individuals and corporations. 

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